Fibers are threads or hairs of material which are collected from plants or animals, or are synthesised, which are then spun into filaments or threads and then weaved into fabric. Plant fibers are grouped depending upon which part of the plant the fibers are taken from whether it be the leaf, seeds, the stem or another part of the plant. Animal fibers are grouped also based upon which part of an animal the fibers are taken from, such as the hair, feathers, or glands. Synthetic fibers tare those which have been industrially produced, such as nylon, which are often weaved together with other natural or artificial fibers in composite materials.

Although there is a tendency to refer to fibers as "animal, vegetable or mineral", this form of taxonomy has long since been superceded in biology, thus, "vegetable" as a major group is not used on this wiki. Other types of fiber, such as optical fiber, are beyond the remit of this wiki and will be excluded or removed if added unless they border on a purpose for clothing manufacture.

Types of fibers Edit

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