Patternmaking and Tailoring Wiki

Patternmaking tools are those tools which are used for creating patterns, either manually by the use of hand-tools, or electronically, through the use of specific or general Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools. Both of these are listed under their respective sections.

Manual patternmaking tools

Image Tool What it's used for!
1024px-Sewing awl.jpg Awl Piercing holes into material, usually leather. The awl has a metal needle used for piercing the material, which is also threaded, so as to allow threading.
French-Curves.jpg French curve rule Used for tracing out various curves. They are still used in creating patterns, particularly for curved angles that are frequently used and difficult to produce by other means. In mass production, these are not used in favour of CAD programs.
Hip-Curves.jpg Hip curve rule Used specifically for tracing out long curves used in pattern development.
Free coiled tape measure healthy living stock photo Creative Commons.jpg Measuring tape Used both in patternmaking, fitting and drafting, it's an essential part of creating clothing.
Metal weights Used to hold patterns in place for marking/tracing.
Notcher.jpg Notcher Used for chipping out pre-set notches at the edge to indicate a seam, or to differentiate the back of a pattern from the front.
Pen.jpg Pen Used for marking various pieces of patterns and denoting different parts.
Pencil.jpg Pencil Used for the mainstay of pattern drawing.
Pincushion.jpg Pin holder / Pincushion Used for holding pins.
Push-Pin.jpg Push pin / Drawing pin Used for pinning pieces of paper for patterns, and for transferring muslin patterns from paper.
Staple-remover.jpg Staple remover Used for removing staples.
Scissors.JPG Scissors Used for cutting fabrics and paper. There are several types of what would be considered "scissors" which are used for a variety of reasons.
Tape.JPG Tape (adhesive) Used to mend errors or join sections of patterns together.
Simflex-measure.jpg Simflex measure Used to space button holes, pleats and tucks.
Stapler.jpg Stapler Used to join several plys of paper together so that the pattern does not slip when being cut or pinned.
Pin.jpg Straight pin Used to pin patterns made on paper to fabric.
Tailors-chalk.jpg Tailor's chalk Used for marking seams and style-lines onto fabric.
Tracing-wheel.jpg Tracing Wheel

Pointed tracing wheels are used to transfer pattern shapes to paper.

Blunted tracing wheels are used to transfer pattern shapes onto muslin by the use of carbon paper.

Variform-curve.gif Variform curve rule Used to shape and blend arm-holes and necklines in patterns.

Electronic patternmaking tools

Image Tool What it's used for!
CAD.png Computer-aided design program Designing patterns based on two or three-dimensional shapes.