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Why this wiki is here Edit

This wiki was created in the aftermath of the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse, which claimed the lives of 1,129 people, and led the founder of the wiki to begin to learn methods of sewing, tailoring, and patternmaking as a way of escaping from a majority-outsourced system in which factory collapses are the end-result of widespread exploitation. The founder hopes that you will find information provided here useful in your journey in making clothes, whatever the reason. Anyone is free to add or edit information on this wiki.

The goal is to provide a repository of detailed instructions on making clothing from beginning to end, with a view to create a range of patterns for all types of clothing that can be expanded by others, to provide a comprehensive and modern repository of clothing. Consider it "Open Source Clothing", but with a social purpose. People deserve better than a pitiful life all for the sake of our shallow fashion trends. We can have both fashionable and modern clothes based off fashionable and modern patterns, produced with ethically sourced fabrics.

Here's hoping that this Wiki inspires you to do the ethical thing, or at least, a fun thing.

Ethical directory Edit

This wiki also provides a repository for ethical producers,manufacturers and designers.

Making clothing

  • Ethical suppliers -- For cloth, thread, sewing machines; everything needed to make clothes.

Clothing and apparel industry

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